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Some Music and footage from recent projects and collaborations

Composers, musicians and sound artists come together with farming families to celebrate the culture and acoustics of 5 working sheds. Set in the sweeping landscape of North West Tasmania, Acoustic Life of Sheds was produced by Big hART for the 2017 Ten Days on the Island Festival.
When it comes to friends, Juniper has no idea what all the fuss is about. In fact when classmates tease her for being like a robot she takes it as a compliment. Through the unconventional eyes of a child on the Autism Spectrum, Robot Song takes the audience on an incredible ride of personal discovery. Using live animation, animatronics and with original music Robot Song will be an incredible new work for ages 8 - 12. Robot Song will world premiere in our new home Bendigo at The Engine Room in July 2018.
Get a glimpse into the incredible workings of the site specific theatre show Blue Angel. As Big hART tackles the burning contemporary issue of fair and ethical shipping, in this immersive theatre context. Blue Angel is customised in each port city where it performs, staged in unusual performance venues such as hotels, container yards, submarine workshops, and mission to seafarers buildings. Blue Angel project works with real seafarers and their communities from each city, combining rich local experiences and the issues they face with issues faced on a global scale. This is a sneak peak into this dynamic multi-layered project which combines theatre, music, installation, video art, visual art, real stories and engaged communities to create this stellar live art experience for audiences.